IEA EBC Annex 64 – LowEx Communities

The IEA EBC Annex 64 – LowEx Communities aims to demonstrate the potentials of low exergy thinking on a community level as energy and cost efficient solutions to achieve 100% renewable and GHG emission-free energy systems. Central challenges are the identification of promising and efficient technical solutions for practical implementation. Aspects of future network management and business models for distribution and operation are as well essential for successful implementation and will be covered in the working phase. Aspects of transition management and policy will ensure the feasibility.

Within the project a discussion on appropriate additional indicators, supplementing the exergy assessment was initialized to obtain a common understanding of local potentials and supply options under the preconditions of local availability. In this context the application of exergy analysis provides the necessary basis for greater local energy autonomy and impulses for local economy.

Annex 64 Themes

To accomplish these objectives, participants carry out research and work on developments within the general framework of the following five subtasks

Optimisation of demand profiles and business models
Optimisation of supply profiles
Realisation and development of “model cities”
Assessment methodology (Tools and Calculation Methods)


Operating Agents

Dr. Dietrich Schmidt
+49 561 804-1871

Christina Sager-Klauß
+49 561 804-1874

Further Information

Anna Kallert
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