The dissemination of documents and other information is to be focussed on providing practitioners with research results. Methods of information dissemination are to include conventional means such as presentations at workshops and practice articles. The project homepage will be used extensively to spread information. Publications may be written in English and in the languages of the participants' countries. However, the translation of the key findings into English will allow for a broader distribution of knowledge. A communication platform will be developed using local networks and energy related associations. Regular workshops will be organised in all participating countries to show the latest project results and to provide an exchange platform for the target audience. Some of the workshops might be organised within the framework of national or international conferences or symposia.

The three main target groups of the Annex will be primary addressed by the following means:

Energy supply and technology industry
  • National workshops for this target group
  • Special conference contributions
Project developer and housing companies
  • National workshops for this target group
  • Special conference contributions
Decision makers within Communities:
  • easy to understand guidebook as the main deliverable from the Annex 64
  • National workshops for this target group

There is a co-benefit for the target group which is addressed by the following means:

Academia, research and education:
  • detailed appendices to the guidebook which will be electronically available
  • Scientific publications in journals and on conferences.


Operating Agents

Dr. Dietrich Schmidt
+49 561 804-1871

Christina Sager-Klauß
+49 561 804-1874

Further Information

Anna Kallert
+49 561 804-1876