The main objective of the annex is to demonstrate the potential of low exergy thinking on a community level as energy and cost efficient solution in achieving 100% renewable and GHG emission-free energy systems. The intention is to reach these goals by providing and collecting suitable assessment methods (e.g. holistic balancing methods). Furthermore it is planned to provide guidelines, recommendations, best-practice examples and background material for designers and decision makers in the fields of building, energy production/supply and politics.

During the course of this activity, the aim is to develop and improve means for increasing the overall energy and exergy efficiency of communities through demand adapted supply and inclusion of renewable energy sources. Therefore the central focus of all considerations is thermal energy at different exergy levels. Electrical energy will be taken into account as auxiliary energy. Electricity from a renewable fluctuating supply should be discussed as a contribution to the heat and cold supply of a community if it is thermally stored (e.g. storage tanks or usage of the building mass) and used for heating or cooling purposes (e.g. heat pumps).


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