The following results expected from the activities within the research activities within the framework of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the EBC Annex 64:
  • Analysis concept and design guidelines with regard to the overall exergy performance of community supply and demand. This could include a possible classification of technologies in terms of performance, improvement potential and innovation prospects.
  • Overview of the feasibility, efficiency potentials and impacts of integral energy system solutions for existing community settings, criteria for decision making in the project development phase.
  • Analysis framework and open-platform software and tools for community energy system design and performance assessment.
  • Summary of intelligent management and control strategies and system solutions for an efficient energy supply system at community level based on exergy principles.
  • Set of existing and close to market systems and technological solutions and best integration into overall energy system design.
  • Description and collection of good practices and examples of system concepts, technologies, management and control strategies for maximum share of renewable energy sources and maximum efficiency of the energy and exergy potentials available on a community scale.
The primary deliverable is an easy to understand and practical, applicable design guidebook for key people in communities. It is to contain an executive summary for decision makers and will cover issues on how to implement advanced supply technologies at a community level. Further it is focussed on how to optimise supply structures to ensure reduced costs for the system solution, while providing a high standard of comfort to the occupants of the buildings.


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